A downloadable game

The second game on internet by "Hussain I Creations & Co".

Defeat the baddie spiders on your way . Travel through Forest,Beach,and more.The first map "The Inn" , meet many new characters and know what to do and how to play.

Conquest the great "Necronomancer"in the mansion.Do the second mission of

Kolabangra (which is coming soon) thought you by Mr.Necronomanceran.Meet ghostly creatures and two boss battle , meet the Werewolf created by Necronomancer and meet Hydronomancer,Conmanmancer,Flameonmancer,Waterdianmancer,Deathicemancer and more.

Awesome graphics and 2.5D excellent game

The game of interest made by "Hussain Masooma Bandokwala".

Wait for the new version till November 2015 for the new Chapter in "The Secret Of The Spiders : Xenom"

Meet the heros Eric Davidson,Jojo Foxilite Macfor,Hadleson and more.

Buy the full version now:http://hussain-i-creations-co.itch.io/the-secret-o...


Level up!.Great new skills ,weapons,swords,axes,sheilds,armors,helmets,etc



arrow keys to move

enter for entering or proceeding in patterns

Esc for pause/checking you hero intake and clothes

mouse in battiles,etc.

If an error occurs like"busy" restart your game 1-2 times to play it and then the error will not occur.

Published Sep 30, 2015
StatusIn development
AuthorHussain I Creations & Co
GenreRole Playing
Average sessionA few minutes

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